SBI Net Banking

SBI, which is the largest public sector bank in India offers a wide range of financial and banking services to individuals and businesses. It has its headquarters in Mumbai and has a number of branches across the country and the merger of the 5 -6 subsidiary banks has increased and ensured their presence in all the states.

SBI Netbanking

Since the demonetization on 8th November 2016, there has been a spurt in the number of people who have started to use and those using internet banking.  The SBI has an internet banking portal that help meets the net banking demand and provides services that are essential in moving the country towards the use of digital transactions and money transfers as envisioned by our PM.

Types of internet banking services by SBI

The net banking services entail four types of services. It includes

  • Personal banking
  • Corporate banking

SBI Personal Banking

It is a type of banking service that is provided to individuals or retail customers of the SBI to carry out most of the banking activities using the Net from the convenience of their home. Personal baking our net banking for individual and joint account holders reduces the need for the individuals to visit the SBI branch unless he needs to deposit cash. The customer can get the balance, the transactions are done within a few days, the transactions over the moth, the monthly statement, transfer funds to another account, receive funds from others etc. by operating online. the highlight is that you can avail most of the banking services anytime and from anywhere.

SBI personal net banking service also provides you with details about the fixed deposit you have, the sweep in amount, the loan amount, if any and also the details of the credit cards including its balance. You can open or close fixed deposits or RD, pay loan interest and principal and even make payments for the charged amount on the credit card using net banking.

Net banking facilitates the use of NEFT, RTGS and IMPS funds transfer procedures that help you to pay or transfer amount to the beneficiary without having to visit the branch as long as you have sufficient cash in your account. One of these modes might be used to pay utility bills as well for which the SBI is authorized to provide a receipt.

SBI Corporate banking

This refers to the banking channel that facilitates non-individual customers such as trusts, companies, firms, proprietorship concerns, partnership concerns, and companies to avail banking services and engages in banking activities through the net from anywhere and at any time as long as the company, firm, or trust account is held at one of the SBI’s. The other facilities are almost similar to personal banking except that the operations would be handled on behalf of the corporate by the persons who have been authorized by the company to do it.

How to open SBI internet banking facilities?

SBI Personal banking facility

Personal internet banking facility offered to individual account holders known as  Online SBI you need to apply for it. there are two ways to do it

  • Registration by visiting the branch
  • Registration online

SBI Internet Banking Registration by visiting the branch

If you do not have an account at SBI. You can open a savings bank account. You would get a welcome kit once the account has been opened. In it, you would have the username and password for net banking which you can use to activate the net banking facility. In case you are an account holder who wishes to activate the net banking facility at present, You can visit the SBI branch in which you have the account which is called the parent branch and fill out an application form for the same. On receipt of the application that is duly completed with all essential details, you will be provided with the username and password that you can use to activate the net banking facility.

SBI Personal Banking Registration online

If you are not an account holder in SBI, you can open a savings bank account online

  • Visit the home page of SBI at
  • You would find a link “Online SB Account Application” there.
  • You can download the form for account opening under the link Registration
  • Fill up the form and visit the nearest SBI branch. Make sure you carry your KYC documents, original and photocopies as well as two passport size
  • Approach the staff at the branch and make the initial deposit.
  • Once your account is opened you would receive a welcome kit in which you will find the username and password that you should use to activate the net banking facility.

SBI Personal Banking for NRI 

  • Download and fill the NRI Application form.
  • If you are on a visit to India visit the nearest SBI branch with details as above and your passport original in hand.

If you are already an account holder wanting to activate net banking facilities now online by yourself, there is no need to visit the branch. You can do it yourself if you have the debit card and you have registered your mobile number with the bank.

The procedure of SBI Personal Banking for NRI  

  • Open the SBI official website
  • Click on the New user Registration option you will find under the personal
  • You will find a popup will appear on the screen. Click the OK This would open up a new window.
  • Fill up the details which include
    1. CIF No- this is the number you will find on the first page of your passbook on the top to your left.
    2. Branch code- You can find this in your passbook. Alternately you can even click on Get Branch Code option to know or check the branch code.
    3. The facility required- Choose the option Full Transaction Rights and click on the submit button.
  • You will receive an OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP in the space provided and click the Confirm
  • In the next screen choose I have my ATM card (online registration without branch visit) option and click the Submit
  • Enter the card details requested for, the PIN number and then click on the Submit
  • Click on the Pay option
  • You will get a temporary Username
  • Now enter the New Login Password, confirm New Login Password and then click on
  • You have successfully registered for Internet
  • You could use the temporary username for the first time login.

Products and services by SBI

The transactions you would be able to make at the click of a button without visiting the branch include


  • FundsTransfers- Intra and Interbank
  • IMPS
  • Credit card payments


  • ETDR or STDR that fall under the income tax savings scheme
  • SBI Flexi deposit
  • E-annuity Deposit scheme
  • E- Recurring Deposits

SBI Corporate Banking

The Corporate internet banking facility can be availed by a non-individual customer. In other words, it includes all types of firms, trusts, and companies. The conditioned to be fulfilled is that the company account should be with any one branch of the SBI.

Types of internet banking and the registration process.

Corporate internet banking differs from personal internet banking meant for use by individuals in many ways. This is because the corporates are of different types starting from a single person owned business to conglomerates. In case of a conglomerate or a large company, there may be more than one user who uses the net banking activities of the company. therefore the corporate net banking facilities are designed in such a way that it suits all types of corporate customers.

What are the different types of internet banking products that are available for corporates?

There is a number of products can choose the one that would be ideal for your organization. The type of products include

SBI Saral

This is meant for internet banking that is to be carried out by a single person who requires online transactions to be done for his business purposes. Since net banking has to be handled by just one person in the company, it is an ideal plan for single proprietor firms, individual businessmen and micro enterprises. The highlight of this plan is that it allows transactions that are treated to transfer of funds to other third-party account or to its account to the extent of 10 lakhs in a day. This includes transaction within SBI as well as other banks too.

SBI Vyapaar

This product is meant for multi-user transaction. It would be suitable for small or medium-sized enterprises. In this system, the administrator in the company would create new corporate users, of course, ensuring that they are assigned rights for different The maximum account is however 50 lacs per transaction without any ceiling on the number of transactions per day. The ceiling on the amount could be enhanced to up to Rs. 2 crores in case of government related/tax transactions.

SBI Vistaar

This product is meant for large companies, institutions, government organization etc. this could be considered as a wholesome product as it allows multiple users to have discretionary access and also transaction rights. This access and transaction rights extend even to across with various branches. The administrator in the company assigns other corporate users the right to transact on different accounts for an amount not exceeding 2 crores. However, there is no ceiling on the number of transactions on a day. The exemption for the government or tax transactions is about Rs. 10,000 crore.

SBI Khata

This is a product that is meant for the individual in a proprietor firm or an own business to make online inquiry and to download the account statements. This product does not allow for transactions to be performed online. this product is meant for a single user.

SBI Khata plus

this is a variation from the khata product. The variant being multiple users who use the net for inquiry instead of a single user as in the khata plan. This is again just an inquiry product and is not meant for transactions online.

The Services you can expect by SBI

  • Fund transfer
  • Account view
  • Account Statement
  • Utility bill payment
  • Host to Host Integration
  • MIS report
  • Demat account view facility
  • MIS reports
  • Direct debit
  • the Bulk transaction by uploading the file
  • Direct and Indirect tax Payments

How to apply for corporate Banking facility in the SBI?

  • Visit the official website page of the bank
  • Choose the corporate banking option and click on it you would be directed to
  • Choose the link for the registration forms that you would find at the top of the Home page of the corporate Internet Banking.
  • You can download the form meant for any one of the variants you wish to avail
  • The forms need to be filled and submitted to the branch in which the corporate account is held along with the Board resolution.

The multi-user products and the roles the users play

The CINB’S multi-user products called  Vyapaar, Vistaar and khata plus usually require the following role holders in the company. the list includes

  • Regulator– the regulator is none other than the executive controller of the corporate. though he is the one who defines the overall profiler of the CINB facility, he does not view or transact on any account in the CINB.
  • The Administrator– This is a mandatory role. Thorson designated as an administrator would exercise managerial control over the cinb

He is responsible for creating other users in the corporate and assigning them the rights to the corporate accounts fixing up the limits. The administrator also sets the transaction limits for the users.

  • Enquirer– he is in charge of supervising the accounts mapped to him by the administrator. However, he can only view and download statements and is not bestowed with the right to transact.
  • Maker-He is the transaction creator. This is applicable to only vyaapar and visitor accounts.
  • Authorizer– He is responsible for authorizing the transaction initiated by the maker.
  • Uploader- this is an optional role. If present, the person is responsible for uploading the files that might contain bulk transactions in a predefined file structure.
  • Auditor- this is again an optional role that can be put in place to supervise the activities of the maker, authorizer, and the uploader post facto.
  • Approver- it is an optional role in vistara, where the person checks a transaction before authorization.
  • Super enquirer– this is again an optional supervisory role with the right to inquire on any account of the corporate maintained at any branch.

Which of the role holders would be created by the branch?

When you apply for CINB as a corporate, depending on the product is chosen, the bank would assign user id and password to the role holders.

The role holders include

For Vistaar– The regulator and Administrator

For Vyapaar and Khata plus– The Administrator

For Khata and Saral– the user

CINB- Regulator, Administrator, and user.

How would he Username and password be provided?’

The username and password might be provided by a pre-printed kit as soon as the application for the CINB is received. However, an acknowledgment is received from the person or user who would be receiving it. In case the users would not be able to visit the branch to collect the same, it can be received through the dispatch mode of SBI on request.

How to login to SBI net banking account?

Whether you use the username and password provided to you at the branch or you have the temporary username got by registering online for SBI net banking facility to start initiating transactions, the procedure to be followed includes

  • Visiting the official website of the bank at
  • Visit page
  • Click on the Login button in the Personal/corporate  banking login section
  • On the next page, you would find at the bottom of the page an option “Continue to Login” click on the option
  • Now you would have on the screen a page requesting you to enter the username and password. Now enter the username and password and click the login button. In the case of the corporate, the role holders would have to do it.
  • Once you have logged in you could enter the username of your choice for your future use of Sbi internet banking facility.

How to login to SBI net banking account Via SBI App?

You could download the app on both ios and android platform. You can download it from the android play store or Appstore. This will help you access and avail all the services and perform all transactions stated above using your smartphone.

Generating username and password

It involves the following steps

  • Download the SBI mobile app you will find at the end of the page when you log in to the official website of SBI or download the app from the mobile store
  • Choose the “first- time user” option
  • Enter the card number, CVV number, and date of Then click the proceed button.
  • You will receive an OTP in your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP and click on the” Proceed” button
  • Set your user ID and password. Note- if the user Id exists already you would see a cross mark. This means you have to choose another user ID. Similarly, the password must have at least 8 characters.
  • Click on the “Confirm” button.
  • The username and password would be generated.

You can use the same userID and password to login to sbi card mobile app as well as SBI Card online account.

If you are facing any problems in the login process, you can visit the official page for further details, call the help desk at 1860 180 1290, 39 02 02 02(local STD code to be added as a prefix) or call toll free number 1800 180 1290  between 8am-8 pm  Monday to Saturday. You can also write to them.

How to Set relevant username on

Setting a relevant username is important for future operations.  You could set username with a maximum of 20 characters. Note that

  • They are case sensitive
  • They can be a combination of alphabets and numbers

Once you have typed the username in the space provided click on the check username availability link. You will be able to check if the username is available. You are asked to enter the kit number that is specified on the page containing username and password in the welcome kit. Mention it and click on the I accept the terms and conditions options at the end of the form and click the submit button to proceed.

How to Set relevant password for SBI Internet Banking?

There is a need for 2 passwords. The login password and the profile password. While the login password helps you to view your account, profile password makes it possible for you to carry out transactions. You would have to use the password and login. You would be directed to the page that has a form for Profile password. You would have to fill in a profile password that is different from the login password. It could be created using the multilingual virtual keyboard or the physical keyboard. You should set a hint question and answer and choose 2 images. Then fill your date of birth in the format 31/May/ on the submit button. If all the entries are proper you would receive the message” your profile password has been set successfully”. Once you receive the message, you can log out by clicking on the option.

Only after following these steps would you be able to start viewing, downloading and transacting through sbi net banking.

How can one ensure safe personal banking or Corporate internet banking facility?

In order to ensure that your account does not become susceptible targets for fraudsters, it is important to Acquire safe online banking skills which include

  • Keeping your system/computers free of malware
  • Changing the password frequently
  • By not responding to any communication that asks for your password.
  • By not revealing the password and card details to
  • Ensure you log on using the URL and check if it starts with https.
  • Check if the address or the status bar displays a padlock symbol
  • Check if the address bar turns green indicating that the sit isSSL secured and the certification meets the EVS or Extended validation standard.
  • Avoiding mails calls SMS etc that seek confidential information from you. such an attempt is what is termed phishing. Report Phishing at

 What is special about Extended Validation SSL?

The extended Validation certificate refers to the High-security web browser information. It identifies the websites organizational identity. This is the reason that the URL address bar of the SBI turns green

Security tips to access and use Internet banking facility

  • Access bank website only using the official bank website by typing the URL.
  • Do not click on emails or other links to access internet banking facility
  • Internet security can be improved if
  1. You have a newer version of Operating system With the latest security patches
  2. The latest version of browsers
  3. The firewall is enabled
  4. The antivirus is in place.
  • Scan the system you use regularly to ensure it is virus and Trojan free.
  • Change the internet baking password at regular intervals
  • Check the previous login date and time before you log in every time. Avoid accessing net banking when you are in public places or places where the PCs are shared.

This is the basic overview of internet banking facilities of SBI