SBI Mobile Banking

SBI is the largest public sector bank in India. Its headquarters is in Mumbai. It is committed to providing banking and financial services to people all over India through its numerous branches that are spread all over the country especially after the annexure of the other 5 other State Bank branches in the year 2014.

What is SBI mobile banking?

SBI mobile banking

It is the most advanced form of banking which is also known as Mobile Online SBI. It is the internet banking facility that has been optimized to suit the mobile browsers. This facility has made it possible for even those who do not have a desktop or a laptop to make use of the convenience that the internet Banking offers.  The mobile banking facility can be availed by visiting  The mobile banking differs from Personal banking or internet banking in that it is accessed through an app on the smartphone while net banking is done through a browser. This facility can be availed by individual account holders who wish to have a mobile banking facility as well as corporates who are Khata, Saral, and Retail users.

How to register for SBI Mobile Banking services?

You need to follow the registration process only if you are not a registered user of online services. The registration for availing online services can be done by visiting the branch and filling the application for the same. You would then receive a username and password, with which you would have to log in and create a new username and login and profile password. On the successful completion of these steps, you can log out. After this, you can use the online banking facility for transactions.

Alternately you can also avail net banking facilities by visiting the website and get a temporary username by following the steps specified using your SBI ATM Debit card. You will sign in for the first time using the temporary username and then set the profile password and login password as above and log out to start transactions.

There is no need for separate registration for accessing mobile banking. If you are already a registered user of online banking, you can use the mobile banking services with the existing username as well as the password.

You could download one of the Apps that is meant for using SBI Internet banking from the google play store and use it for mobile banking with the same username and password as that of the personal banking facility or may even register using the New User option. The best app to use for sbi mobile banking facility that has to be downloaded only from Google play store  include

  • SBI Anywhere Personal – Mobile Banking APP which is official App for SBI

You can download SBI anyhwere personal app through this link:

Though this app is convenient to use and has a host of features that are user-friendly, you also have other apps  approved for use by SBI that can also be used which includes

  • State bank Buddy
  • SBI Pay
  • SBI quick
  • BHIM-Aadhar-SBI
  • State Bank MObicash
  • State Bank NO queue


How to register for SBI mobile banking through the app as a new user?

To register using the new user option you find in the app, to start mobile banking applications.

  • Type “MBSREG” and send an SMS to 9223440000/567676 from your mobile number that has been registered with the bank to get the User ID and MPIN.
  • The user ID and the default MPIN would be sent to you by SMS.
  • Download the SBI approved an app from the Apple store or Google play store.
  • Use the credentials received to log in to your account.

How to activate the SBI mobile banking facility?

Registering through phone

  • Call customer care at 1800-22-11 or 1800-425-3800 from your registered mobile number
  • Choose the phone banking option path as per the instructions are given
  • Then follow the instructions which would include entering the debit card number, CVV, and PIN.
  • Your SBI account number would be your username for Mobile banking and the Password that is sent to you after you have provided the details in the form of a text message in your registered phone number would be your password to log into mobile banking.

What type of phone is ideal for SBI mobile banking?

Mobile Online SBI  facility can be accessed in any phone that has internet connectivity. But it would be effective on a smartphone.

What are the requisites for accessing the mobile Banking facility?

The mobile banking facility can be accessed only if the mobile device is

  • Equipped with a mobile browser
  • Connected to the internet which may include EDGE/GRPS/3G/4G/WiFi
  • One that has javascript enabled in its web browser.

If you are having problems accessing or logging into Mobile banking services of SBI, even after ensuring that these conditions are fulfilled You are free to raise a ticket by logging in to To provide your valuable feedback on the issues faced.

What are the services that can be accessed using SBI Mobile Banking facility?

The sbi mobile banking facility makes almost all services that you can avail using personal banking facility possible through mobile banking as well. even those that are not possible will be made available in a short time. At present, though the services you can access include

  • Viewing account balance
  • Viewing mini statement
  • View as well as make term deposits –e-TDR/ e-STDR
  • View details and start a Recurring Deposits – e-RD
  • Make New NPS Contribution
  • SBI flexi deposits
  • Fund transfer to one’s own account – interbank transfer
  • Intra-bank or InterBank, bill pay, loan repayment, SBI credit card (Visa) payment, IMPS transfer to already activated beneficiary account using OTP or One Time Password
  • IMPS Transfer – a new service introduced recently.

The limit for SBI transactions

You may be aware that in order to initiate any fund transfer whether it is NEFT, RTGS or IMPS, it is necessary to register the beneficiary. It is done by logging into You would have to choose the fund transfer option and choose Accounts with other banks option and fill in the account number, Account Holder’s name, the bank, and Branch and the IFSC code of the bank, for the beneficiary to be registered. You may then initiate transactions/pay the beneficiary using NEFT, RTGS or IMPS.

In sbi mobile banking services at, it is possible to make Inter-bank/Intra-bank/IMPS/ Credit Card (Visa) transfer. The important point though is that you should have set /chosen “Yes”  for “Enable High Security”  at the profile section when you set up the online banking account using the desktop. In such a case the transaction limit on a day is up to a cumulative amount of Rs. 50,000 per user and the NPS contribution of up to Rs. 50,000 per user.

In case, The “Enable High Security” is set as No, the transaction limit is up to Rs.10,000 a day without OTP if you happen to cross the limit of Rs.10,000 the OTP becomes mandatory to complete the transaction.

However, you must note that sbi mobile banking fund transfers to beneficiaries could be made only to those beneficiaries Accounts that have been registered and activated at www.onlinesbi, com using the desktop. In other words, addition, as well as activation of the beneficiaries, can be initiated only using desktop and by visiting It cannot be done using

The charges

The sbi mobile banking services are free just like the personal banking facility. However, the internet charges that are fixed by the telecom operator can be considered as an indirect cost associated with mobile banking services. This would actually be a meager amount considering the data pack costs that have come down drastically in recent times.

Where to download the SBI applications?

Though the applications might be available in Apple App store, google play store and the likes, it is better to download the application for sbi mobile banking from the official website of the bank which is You will find a list of applications in the Official Applications link you will find under the Other Services option.

How safe is Mobile Online SBI?

The sbi mobile banking facilities are made available to you only after the security measures have been checked and verified and are quite safe as the mobile banking platform.  It  comes with stringent security measures which include

  • A strong 256 Bit SSL this would protect the communications with the bank and the user
  • The sbi mobile banking session ends as soon as you close your mobile browser.
  • The sbi mobile banking opens up for the user only after authentication of the customer username and password have been fulfilled.
  • There is no personal information stored either on the phone or the sim card.

The Risks

While the risks are minimal, the major reason for the risks could include

  • Wifi networks that are not secure
  • A mobile device that has ID vulnerabilities
  • Mobile malware
  • Poorly designed App
  • Poor configuration of apps
  • Corrupt apps

The sbi mobile banking security measures are all quite strong, yet it is also important that you maintain the confidentiality by not revealing your username, password, ATM card number, PIN, CVV, and OTP to those who enquire from unsolicited sources to be doubly careful to avoid fraud and personal information from falling into wrong hands.