SBI Credit Card

The SBI is the largest bank in India in which the Government is the major shareholder. IT is a bank that has a branch network that is spread across the country. It is even better now with the merger of 5 other state banks like State bank of Mysore, State Bank of Travancore etc, with the State Bank of India.  It has a number of branches overseas and is one of the Top 50 Banks in the World.

SBI Credit Cards

SBI Credit Card

There are a number of  SBI credit cards that are offered. The different types of cards that are issued by the SBI are to make it easy for you to choose the right credit card for you based on your lifestyle as well as the spending pattern and for which transactions you will be requiring credit facilities.

Advantages of using or availing SBI credit cards

Though there are a number of benefits that can accrue when you use the credit cards judiciously, The SBI Credit Cards stand out from those offered by other banks in the following aspects

  • Lower interest option
  • Higher encashment limit
  • Balance transfer facility
  • Balance Transfer on EMI options
  • Flexible payment options
  • Better range of other benefits
  • Better insurance cover
  • Utility bill payment facilities
  • Better accessibility with SBI Card mobile app.

The SBI credit cards can be basically divided as

  • Lifestyle-related
  • Those that are endowed with rewards
  • Travel and fuel
  • Those that are meant for banking partnerships
  • Those that are meant for health-related

The types of credit cards by SBI

The types of credit cards that are offered by SBI  can be easily divided into the above-mentioned categories.


  • SBI Card Elite
  • SBI Prime Card
  • SBI STYLE Contactless Credit Card

Reward cards

  • SBI card Elite
  • SBI Simply click the card

Travel and fuel

  • SBI simply save card
  • BPCL SBI Card
  • Air India, SBI Signature card
  • Air India, SBI Platinum card
  • Central SBI credit card
  • Central SBI Select +card
  • Chennai Metro SBI card
  • Yatra SBI card
  • Mumbai MetroSBI card
  • IRCTC SBI Platinum card

Banking Partnership cards

  • TATA Titanium card
  • TATA platinum card
  • FBB SBI Styleup card

Health insurance

  • Apollo SBI card

And many more. The eligibility criteria for the different cards are quite different and it is set by the bank. Once you apply for the credit card, the bank initiates the process to allow SBI Credit Cards. However, when you will receive the credit card will actually vary and will take a minimum period of 2 days. But if you do not receive your credit card for a long time, you can check the status of the credit card online or offline

How to Check the Credit Card application status?

You can check the status of the SBI credit card application by the offline method when you cannot access the Internet. The bank official in charge will let you know the status if you give him the application reference number and account number.

How to Check the Credit Card application status Online?

You can check the status of the  SBI credit card application online by following the simple steps

  • Visit the official website of the bank which is
  • Click on the “credit card” option you will find on the menu.
  • This will lead you to the official credit card page of the SBI.
  • On scrolling, you will see the “Track Application” link. Choose it.
  • This will take you to the official tracking page. You may even reach the page using the shortcut by accessing the page using
  • Now enter the application number and the other details and click the track status button.
  • You will get the status on your screen.
  • You may also use your phone for the above procedure.

Once you know the status of your card, you will be able to calculate when approximately you will receive the credit card. If the credit card processing has been stopped due to want of records, you can take up the remedial action by supplying the records. If you have any doubts you may even call the number 39 02 02 02or send a mail to

Card Activation

You can get to know if the card has been dispatched by logging in to The other methods include calling helpline number as well as the dispatch status. In order to get the card, you need to produce the following documents in original.

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • PAN card.

How to Activate the new SBI Credit Card?

There are three ways in which you can activate your new SBI Credit Card.

By logging into your personal banking account

  • Log in to the website com
  • Click on the first time user link
  • Provide details of the card, including the CVV number, expiry date and your date of birth. Click on the proceed button
  • You will receive an OTP. Fill it in the space provided and click on proceed.
  • You would be asked to give the preferred user ID, password and confirm the password in the columns Click on the confirm button

Your card would then be activated and ready for transactions.

Alternatively, you can call the helpline and press the numbers specified by the support system and reach out to the customer care officer who would initiate the activation procedure.

You can view the demo videos that are available for the activation process at

The other method is by sending an email.

Who can apply for the SBI Credit card?

You can apply for the SBI credit card only when you are at least 21 years old. And the maximum age of the applicant is fixed at 60 years.

What is the annual fee for SBI Credit Cards?

The annual fee for the SBI credit card ranges from Rs.499 to Rs. 499 You can check the annual fee, the rewards as well as the joining packs that are quite different for each of the SBI Credit cards and the most important terms and conditions regarding usage at

What is the Transaction fee of SBI Credit Cards?

Apart from the annual fee and the renewal fees applicable on the SBI credit card a transaction fee of 2.5% o IN 300 whichever is higher is chargeable when you draw cash from the domestic ATM’s and 3% or INR 300 whichever is higher is levied at International ATM’s.

Keeping track of the SBI credit card limit

In order to keep track of your spendings and the credit limit on your SBI Credit Card, it is better to opt for Simply SMS. You can start this service by sending an SMS to 5676791 from the mobile number you have registered with your bank. The SMS service will

  • Help you learn about the balance
  • Available cash and credit limit
  • Help you block stolen or lost cards instantly
  • Learn about last payment details
  • Learn about reward points
  • Subscribe to e-statements.

How to make payments on credit Card bills and the cash withdrawn using Credit Card?

You can make use of the Credit card (visa) bill pay. It is a special online money transfer process that allows the transfer of money from your online account towards credit card payments. This is a high-security payment platform that can be accessed through the personal banking services that you have availed. However, a transaction charge of Rs. 15 would be levied for each transaction.  The payment would be done by adding the credit card number and your name to the beneficiary list. You can also go in for standing instructions if it is going to be a fixed amount every month for the specified date towards EMI or the dues.

The minimum payment on a credit card

When you receive your SBI credit card statement, you will find the total amount due for the month and alongside, you would also find a column The minimum amount due.  This minimum payment due is calculated as a percentage of your total current balance or as all of your interest plus 1% of the principal. There is also a ceiling on the minimum payment level, which actually is a fixed amount below which the Minimum payment amount would not drop. If the minimum amount due is not paid even after the due date, you will be levied a late payment fee, extra interest on principal and other additional charges. If you still do not pay up, your card would be suspended for future transactions. It is better to avoid such happening in order to avoid a negative credit score.

When you pay only the minimum amount due it would help you in carrying on with transactions, but there would be a high rate of interest that is levied on the outstanding balance. GO THROUGH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

 The interest on outstanding dues of SBI Credit Card

The outstanding dues for a month would be communicated to you through the monthly statements. The date on which monthly statements are generated varies from bank to bank.  When the monthly statement is generated, you would come to know about the outstanding dues for the month. It is better to pay off the credit card dues in full if you can, to avoid interests and all types of other charges from being levied. This is because the interest keeps increasing at a greater rate after the due date.

Use Credit cards judiciously to reap the benefits.