Pay Your SBI Credit Card Bills Hassle Free

SBI Credit Card

Are you struggling with paying SBI credit card bills every month due to lack of knowledge about the process or options available? This is the right place for you to overcome this struggle. While paying the bill, many of us faced problems due to technical glitches, lack of knowledge about payments options in online or offline, etc. To overcome this SBI came up with different solutions so as to make paying credit card bills hassle free. The solutions can be segregated under two heads such as Payment through Online and Payment through Offline.

SBI Credit Card

How to Pay SBI Credit Card Bills Payment through Online?

There are numerous options available to pay through online which are attractive for many because the payment would be typically credited on the same or next business day. They are

1. Using NEFT

Pay your SBI Card dues online, using National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), by adding SBI card as a beneficiary under 3rd party transfer in the net banking page of your bank by using IFSC code SBIN00CARDS. This option could be used to pay by any bank account (Except SBI) that offers the NEFT facility.

2. Using Paynet-Pay Online

Credit card dues can be paid by login into your account under this link  and then selecting “pay now” option from which amount, mode of payment and bank name from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, details like SBI Card number, e-mail ID, phone number and the amount you wish to pay can be entered under the below link which then redirect you to the selected bank payment interface for net banking or debit card option and confirm the amount to be paid for the transaction.

3. Using SBI Net banking

In SBI Net banking page, click on Bill payments and go to the “Manage Biller” section. Select the Add option in the ‘Manage Biller’ section and opt for All India billers, and select ‘SBI Cards and Payment Services Pvt. Ltd.’ as the biller. Register your biller details and click ‘Submit’. To pay, Click on view/pay bills section and click on ‘Without Bills’. Select the SBI Card as the biller and click on Pay. Choose the SBI account number, payment amount and click on ‘Pay Now’ to confirm your transaction.

4. Using the National Automated Clearing House (NACH)

National Automated Clearing House (NACH) saves you the effort of issuing cheque every month towards the payment of your SBI Card dues. You need to authorize SBI Card to deduct the amount directly from your bank account every month and your card account will be credited on the payment due date.

5. Using SBI card mobile App

Download the SBI card mobile app and login into the account. Click on ‘Pay now’ button at the bottom of the Account Summary page. Select the payment option, bank name and the amount you wish to pay and confirm the details to authorize the payment.

How to Pay SBI Credit Card Bills Payment through Offline?

This option is useful when card user doesn’t have much knowledge about online transactions or in areas where internet infrastructure yet to reach significantly, though this type of payment has to consider few days for final credit because of offline payment.

1. Using SBI ATM

For this, you need to visit any SBI ATM and enter credit card number and the due amount. You will find this option under the Bill Pay menu.

2. Over the counter through Cash/Cheque:

This over the counter method requires card holder to visit any SBI bank, fill the pay-slip, enter the amount, attach the card bill and submit it to the representative. The account number will be your 16 digit card number. After this, you will receive acknowledgment receipt instantly. However, the payment is reflected in 2 working days in your credit card account.

3. Pay Cash @ Easy Bill Outlets 

This is another cash payment method for making payment. You need to visit any of the easy bill outlets and provide your 16 digit credit card number, money to be paid and your mobile number. Once the transaction is done, the cardholder receives electronic receipt instantly.

4. Manual drop-box

For paying card bill via manual drop-box mention payee name as SBI Credit Card **** **** **** **** (where * denotes 16 digit card number) on the cheque which can be CTS/non-CTS compliant. Also, mention your name and phone number at the back side of the cheque.

5. Electronic drop-box

For making payment through electronic cheque box, card user will have to insert the CTS/non-CTS compliant cheque as per the instructions on the drop-box. Once the cheque is successfully inserted, a scanned image of the cheque will be automatically available from the drop-box. Payee name on the cheque should be in the favor of SBI Credit Card **** **** **** **** (where * denotes 16 digit card number). Cheque takes few working days for clearance, so drop your cheque minimum 5-6 days before the due date.

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