How to Get SBI Credit Card?

SBI Credit Card

Credit cards are an essential thing in today’s world and if you are one of the people who belong to a middle-class family then trust me you can get so many benefits by getting a credit card. However, there are so many types of cards that you can get and the best of all stands alone with the SBI credit card. Here is the whole guide that you can follow up to get the SBI credit card and choose the best one out of all available.

SBI Credit Card

List of SBI Credit Cards

There are over 18 cards that SBI provides, and you can apply for any of them as per their liability and the eligibility. The cards are –

  1. Apollo SBI Card
  2. Air India SBI Platinum Card
  3. Air India SBI Signature Card
  4. BPCL SBI Card
  5. SBI Card ELITE
  6. SBI Card PRIME
  7. SimplySAVE SBI Card
  8. SimplyCLICK SBI Card
  9. Fbb SBI STYLEUP Card
  10. STYLEUP Contactless Card
  11. IRCTC SBI Platinum Card
  12. Yatra SBI Card
  13. Central SBI Select Card
  14. Central SBI Select+ Card
  15. Chennai Metro SBI Card
  16. Mumbai Metro SBI Card
  17. Tata Titanium Card
  18. Tata Platinum Card

These are all the cards that you can get from the SBI, and you can choose up any of the most reliable as per your position and the eligibility that meant to your side. This is all that you can get, and it can help you out in the best way possible.

For more information, you can head to any of the closest branches of SBI where you will get to know about all the information related to these cards and even you can get to know about the documentation needed.

Major Frequently Asked Questions related to Credit Card

Well, everyone is well aware of the use of credit cards, but when it comes to applying for one, then there might be so many questions that will pop up on your screen. Here are all these questions that might pop up in your mind and here are all the answers and all the information related to it –

1) How to Activate your Credit Card?

There is only one way which can help you to get your credit card to be activated, and unlike other banks, SBI only provide you with one method as mentioned in the section below –

  • Log on to the SBI’s website.
  • Log in with your credentials that you can find on your documents.
  • Once you are logged into the website, you will get to see so many options on the screen.
  • Get to the request option on the left side of the screen and click on it.
  • Click on the ‘Activate’ Button that you see there.
  • You will get your card activated after that, and this is all that you need to know whilst activating your SBI card.

2) How secure is SBI’s website

Well, one has to know that you need to choose a password that is not so common or there is no way you can ensure the security. Choose the one with some unique characters, and you will know all about these cards. However, here is what you get on the website –

  • The website has 256 bit of SSL (Secure Socket Layers) technology which can help you secure your SBI card activities to ensure security.
  • You can even check the security certificate just with a single padlock icon after your SBI login where you can get all the information.

This is all you get with the SBI website, and for better security, you should always use a strong password.

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