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Indian banks started promoting card-based transactions because of its potential to tackle money laundering, corruption, tax evasion, terror financing, etc. But awareness and interest towards them are below par among the people, which has to be rectified to achieve the dream of cashless India. To allay this bank’s offers various rewards, cash back, gift vouchers, interest free-days, travel benefits, etc especially for credit card users. However, applying and receiving credit card is one of the difficult tasks for the majority because of the requirement of various documents, adherence to minimum eligibility norms, etc. If you are the one who wants SBI credit card but doesn’t have any idea about the eligibility or documents required, this is the right place for you to prevail over that difficulty.

SBI Credit Card

What are the types of credit cards available from SBI?

State Bank of India has a wide range of credit cards which have different benefits and features. It is best to compare these credit cards based on their features to understand which card suits your requirements the best.

There are various types available like:

  1. Lifestyle cards (SBI card elite and Doctor’s SBI card)
  2. Reward Cards (SBI Card Prime and SBI card prime advantage)
  3. Shopping cards (SimplyCLICK SBI Card and SimplySAVE SBI Card)
  4. Travel and Fuel cards (BPCL SBI card and Yatra SBI card)
  5. Banking partnership cards (Karnataka Bank SBI Platinum Credit Card and Karnataka Bank SBI SimplySAVE Card)

What are the basic eligibility criteria for SBI credit cards?

After you choose an SBI Card suitable for your needs, you should check the eligibility. Although different SBI credit cards have different eligibility criteria, basic criteria that all applicants need to fulfill are: should be in the age bracket 21-60 years, have a regular source of income and decent credit score. The documents required are valid ID proof, Address proof and 3 month’s salary slip/bank statement.

Does SBI credit card can also be applied by students?

For students, along with fulfilling age requirement such as is in the age bracket 18-60 years, a student applicant must have one of the three:

  • Fixed Deposit: Credit card can be issued against FD.
  • Family members Card: A request for an ad on Card can be made against it.
  • Savings account with SBI: Strong savings history decide SBI students card limit.

To apply for SBI Bank Students Credit card, a student applicant must hold valid documents such as Identity card of the college (undergraduate or postgraduate), Birth certificate, Residential address proof, College enrollment proof, and 2 passport sized colored photographs.

What are the ways to apply for SBI credit card?

There are three ways through which SBI credit cards can be applied such as through online, through offline and through seeking the assistance of Fin-Tech Companies:

Apply for SBI credit card through Online:

After deciding your requirement while meeting eligibility criteria, go to the below link and enter details like name, mobile, and e-mail id and submit them. It brings you to the page where we have all the types of cards showing along with their details. Select the card according to the requirement and then enter details like PAN, Annual income, Qualification, etc. Then submit the application form whose status can be tracked through Application/Reference number along with the DOB/PAN details. If all documents are submitted correctly and met eligibility criteria, instant online approval is available for the customers.

Alternatively, if you don’t have sufficient details relating to Annual income or PAN number while submitting, a page would come, where we could enter our contact details for customer care representative to contact us in order to guide for further steps.

Apply for SBI credit card Application through offline:

You can walk into an SBI branch and submit the application form and documentation required.

Apply for SBI credit card With the help of Fin-Tech Companies:

Alternatively, if you think you need help with your credit card application process and advice on eligibility, you could contact FinTech companies like bankbazaar, paisabazaar, creditmantri, etc which can guide you through the process, advise you on your eligibility, and match you with the credit card that suits your needs the best.

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