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State Bank of India is the largest bank in India with 23% of the market share. SBI is a government owned bank with its headquarters in Mumbai. In its initial avatar, the SBI was known as Imperial Bank. It was only after the government took over it in 1955 that it was renamed SBI. SBI has 18,354 branches all over India and 191 overseas offices located in 36 countries.

SBI Online

Online Net Banking with SBI

SBI provides online banking  & Mobile banking services to its account holders to enable them to undertake banking operations from any place at any time. The sbi online portal offers a host of services such as fund transfer, account statements, bill payments, etax payment and many more. SBI online can be used for both personal as well as corporate banking.

Creating SBI net banking account through online mode

If you want to register yourself for sbi online banking, you need a registered mobile number, debit card and passbook. SBI offers a simple online process to its customers for gettting themselves registered for online banking.

The steps to create a sbi net banking account have been listed here.

1. First of all you need to visit the website and click on “New User Registration” tab on the left hand side of the homepage.

2. A new window opens which has fields for entering your account details. You need to enter the account number, registered mobile number, CIF number mentioned in your SBI passbook, branch code and the country in which your bank account is located.

3. You need to select the kind of service by clicking on “Full Transaction Rights” before the box marked “Facility Required”.

4. Enter the captcha code and click on the submit button.

5. You would receive a One Time Password(OTP) on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP in the given field and click the confirm button.

6. On the next window, two options would be displayed. First option is “I have my ATM Card”. This option activates your sbi online account without visiting the branch. Second option is “ I do not have my ATM Card”. This option is for a customer who does not have an ATM card and can only activate the net banking account through branch. Click on the first option for online activation of net banking account.

7. On the next window, enter the debit card details in the correct fields. The details to be entered are the 16 digit card number printed on the front face of the debit card, expiry date of the card, card holder’s name and the ATM pin. After entering the debit card details, type the given captcha code and click on “proceed”.

8. A temporary username and password would be received on your registered mobile number. Use this username and password to log in to your account.

9. You will be asked to create a new password. Type a strong password of your choice. The password must contain a capital letter, special character and a number. Click on submit button after typing the password.

10. Next you have to select your username. This username needs to be used for logging into your sbi online banking account.

11. In the final step, you simply need to click on “I accept the Terms and Conditions” box and then click submit.

By following the above mentioned steps, you register yourself for online SBI personal banking without visiting your home branch.

How to log in to SBI net banking account

The process of sbi login is very easy. You simply need to visit and click on Personal Banking and then enter your username and password to log in to your account. You can either use the virtual keyboard provided on the site or your own keyboard.

Steps to create SBI corporate online banking account

Online corporate banking services of SBI enable corporate customers such as firms, companies, partnerships, trusts, etc. to carry out banking operations online anywhere and anytime. The corporate sbi online banking accounts allow high value transactions unlike personal net banking accounts which have many limitations. SBI offers 7 types of corporate banking accounts namely Saral, Vyapaar, Vistar, Khata, Khata Plus, Supply Chain Finance and Govt. INB. The various types of corporate banking accounts vary in terms of transaction limits and other features.

In order to create a sbi online corporate banking account, the following steps need to be followed.

1. Visit the website and click on “New User Registration” under Corporate Banking on the homepage.

2. On the new window, select the type of corporate banking account you have with SBI. For example, Khata Plus, Vistar or Vyapar.

3. On clicking an option, three options would be displayed. The options are New Registration Form, Partially Filled Form and Print Registration Form/Cancel Application. Click on the first option, tick the Terms and Conditions box and click submit.

4. On the next window, enter the account number in the given field and type the captcha text. Click on the go button.

5. On the next page, fill up the corporate details on the online form. The various details to be entered are name of the corporate, address, city, district, state, pincode, country, mobile number and email id. You also need to select the Corporate Admin Single admin mode is selected by default. If you want more than one admin, select the Multiple option.

6. Enter the captcha code and click on the submit button.

7. A box containing the Reference Number of your application is displayed on the screen. Note down the reference number and click proceed.

8. On the next window, you need to enter the details of the administrator. The various details to be entered are the name of the administrator, employee number, address, city, district, pincode, country, phone number and email id. Entering the designation and department name is optional. Various account numbers of the company need to entered in the given fields.

9. Enter the captcha code and click on the submit button.

10. A message displaying the reference number and the name of the approach branch comes on the screen.

11. Click on the given link for printing the online application form.

Sign the printed application form and submit it with your home branch. A kit is handed over to you after verification.

How to activate SBI Corporate online banking account?

Temporary user name and password of the administrator for sbi online corporate are contained in the kit provided by the branch. Activate the account using the following steps.

1. Visit, select the type of account under corporate banking and click on login button.

2. Enter the temporary user name and password to log into the account.

3. On the next page, type a new user name in the given field. Read the various points about the user name given on the bottom of the page.

4. Type the kit number in the field below the username. Kit number is printed on the kit.

5. Click submit to proceed.

6. On the next page, type a new password for logging into the account. Confirm the new password and click on confirm button.

7. A new page appears where you need to type your profile password. Confirm the profile password and click on submit button.

8. A message confirming the successful setting up of profile password is displayed. Click “continue” below the message.

9. A new page appears. You need to add users by clicking on “Add” tab present on the left hand side of the page.

10. On the next page, you need to enter the user details and click on the confirm button.

11. A new page containing the details of the user appears on the screen. Check the details and click on the confirm button.

12. A message confirming the addition of the user comes on the screen. Click on two given links to take printouts of both the form. The forms need to be signed by the user and administrator and submitted with the branch.

How to log in to the SBI corporate banking account?

For logging in to sbi online corporate banking account, the user needs to visit, select the type of corporate account under corporate banking and click on log in button. Thereafter, the user needs to type the username and password to log into the account.

SBI Mobile Banking method

State Bank FreedoM is the name of the sbi mobile banking app. The mobile app is available for android, iPhone and windows mobile phones. The sbi mobile banking app can be downloaded from either the play stores or directly from the SBI website.

The sbi mobile banking app can be used for fund transfers, balance enquiry, bill payments, make cheque book requests and many more.

The steps to be followed for registration are as follows.

1. Type MBSREG and send it to 567676/9223440000 from your registered mobile number.

2. You will receive a user ID and default MPIN through SMS.

3. Download the sbi mobile banking app from a play store.

Registration can also be done at the branch by filing and submitting a form or at the ATM.

How to log in to the app?

You can log into the sbi mobile banking app by entering the user name and MPIN. The MPIN needs to be changed after first log in.

Why go for SBI Online banking?

There are many benefits of creating a sbi online account. Some of them have been mentioned here.

1. SBI net banking account allows you to pay your mobile bills, DTH bills and other types of bills swiftly in a safe and secure manner. There is no need to stand in queues to pay your bills.

2. There are many types of inter and intra bank fund transfer facilities offered by sbi online Apart from NEFT/RTGG/IMPS, SBI also offers quick transfer of funds without beneficiary addition facility.

3. SBI online account allows to view all your transactions. This helps you in keeping a track of your transaction history without the need to go for passbook printing. You can also instantly check your account balance by simply logging in to your net banking account.

4. You can operate your sbi online account at any time on any day. A host of tasks can be performed even during the night when the bank is closed and during bank holidays. For example, urgent fund transfers.

Customer Care Numbers of SBI

24/7 Toll Free Numbers are offered by SBI. They have been listed here.

1. 1800112211

2. 18004253800

3. 08026599990

Customer Service Department of SBI can be contacted on the following numbers.

1. 022-22029456

2. 22-27566598 (For overseas customers)

3. 22-27580506 (For overseas customers)


Q1:What to do if I forget my log in password?

Ans: Go to trouble logging in option on the website and click on forgot password option. Enter the username and profile password. Duplicate password would be sent to your address. In case you have forgotten the profile password, reference number will be generated. Download the duplicate password form and submit it along with the reference number with your branch.

Q2: What should I do if I forget my profile password?

Ans: Go to profile and select the forgot profile password option. Download the duplicate profile password form and submit it with the branch along with the reference number.

Q3: Why I am not able to perform fund transfer?

Ans: For transferring funds, you need full transaction rights. Visit your home branch and make a request to grant you full transaction rights.

Q4: How do I order a cheque book through my net banking account?

Ans: Go to requests and select the cheque book option. You can request for the cheque book to be sent by post to your registered address or opt for collecting it from the branch.

Q5: What are the charges for making a draft through sbi net banking?

Ans: The conventional draft charges would need to be paid along with the courier charges since the draft is sent to your registered address.